Organisation of Zangdok Palri Sambhota Primary School

Given the scale and distance the project, its organisation needs careful attention.

The Zangdok Palri team focused on strengthening and deepening its collaboration with the local Tibetan committee responsible for the project. A special attention was paid to staff the school in appropriate way:

Currently, 8 people are employed at school.

There are 2 teachers and 6 other staff members. Their wages are different according to their duties.

  1. Tibetan teacher.
  2. Chinese teacher , teaches Chinese and arithmetic
  3. Site manager and director is responsible for: coordination of educational program, supervising finances, building construction, maintenance organisation, reparations, buying food and clothes, hiring teachers, providing accomodation.
  4. School Administrator assists and supports for the administrative tasks relative to site manager duties.
  5. House Steward is responsible for: cleaning and taking care of children during nights.
  6. Cook responsible for: preparing food for the children and for personel
  7. Assistant of the cook
  8. Yak boy

2008 Dzogchen-school high view

Finally, an accountant-treasurer has been appointed from the beginning; he is responsible for receiving donations and redistributing them to sponsored children and their families and procedures has been set up for receiving funding and monitoring how it is used.

Yearly budget

For the 35 children living in the school-orphanage at the moment, the yearly budget is as


Food (for 35 children and the staff) 8 700 €
Clothing for the children 4 700 €
Health budget (estimation) 1 000 €
Bed linen and toiletries 1 200 €
Electricity 300 €
Various costs (transport etc) 400 €
Wages (teachers, cook, household help, coordinators) 3 850 €
Total 20 150 €