Volunteers and partners

In its work to implement the Zangdok Palri Programme, the Programme Management Team is assisted by many other people :

  • Written communication and translations: Christiaan Hannes, Helen Titchen Beeth, Elizabeth Packenham
  • Event organisation: Geoffroy Van Rechem, Ekaterina Panova, Assen Lozanov, Virginie Hofman, Antonio Castronvo, Céline Perez
  • Web site design: Bernard Verstraete, Kevin Rochowsky,  Amanda Vazquez
  • Advice in medical area: Dr Georges Mailliet

And of course the numerous volunteers not mentioned above whom we would like to thank for their precious help.


The Zangdok Palri Lotus is working in partnership with the Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture, a Swedish non-governmental organisation which has been building schools in Tibet since 1996. The Society’s mission is to build, renovate or assist 108 schools in Tibet, with the long-term objective of preserving Tibetan language and culture by providing basic education for Tibetan children.

Collaborating with this Swedish organisation enabled the Zangdok Palri Lotus to benefit from the outset from valuable experience and greatly enhances our chances of success.