Organisations in Europe

The Zangdok Palri Programme is conducted in Europe by the Zangdok Palri Lotus asbl, based in Brussels and Zangdok Palri asbl, based in Luxemburg, respectively a Belgian and a Luxemburgish not-for-profit organisation, founded under the inspiration of Dzogchen Patrul Rinpoche.

The Zangdok Palri organisations are assisted by Support Groups in other countries which take whatever form is best suited to achieve the programme’s aims.

The current Support Groups are:

The Zangdok Palri Support Groups will be very happy to give you general information about the project and the sponsorships for the children and the way to support the Zangdok Palri Institute.


Funding, Cooperation, Volunteer work : Need detailed informations ?

In case you wish to have more detailed information about the project, concerning funding, cooperation, volunteer work etc, the Zangdok Palri support groups will forward your request to the international coordinators.

Of course you are welcome to contact the Zangdok Palri  international coordinators directly:


– for the Sambhota schools:
Zangdok Palri asbl (Luxembourg)
Tel: +352 49 17 12
email: Christiane Delaine


– for the Zangdok Palri Institute:
Zangdok Palri Lotus asbl (Belgium)
Tel: +32 2 732 89 86
email: Dimitri Missentos