Promotion Programme Supporters

We thank our supporters for their participation in our Promotion Program.
Their contribution provides precious help for funding our Projects.
If you want to know more about our Promotion Program, please send an email to


Capital Rent logo Capital Rent
Capital Rent is a Residential Housing Company with a portfolio of over 600 apartments.
We are a young and dynamic team ready to assist new comers, companies or institutions in the apartment selection process. We work mainly with Expats! Our team speaks over 7 languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian – a definite advantage!
Our experience of 15 years tells us that the most desired apartments are those that feature excellent design and key locations. For this reason, we work closely with Capital Construct, a leading Brussels developer, which ensures an offering of quality buildings.

UpToYou_logo UP 2 YOU sprl
Up 2 You est une société de services spécialisée dans le consulting pour :
– la mise en location de biens résidentiels à Bruxelles
– la décoration d’appartements neufs pour la mise en location
– la vente des biens sur plan
Notre expérience de 15 ans nous a montré que les appartements les plus prisés sont ceux qui allient un excellent design et une situation clé. C’est pourquoi nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec Capital Construct, un promoteur important à Bruxelles qui assure une offre de bâtiments de qualité.

atlassian Atlassian
Atlassian supports our efforts by contributing Confluence, the professional wiki, and their bug and issue tracking application, JIRA, to our organisation.

Atlassian is an innovative Australian software company providing enterprise software solutions to the world’s leading organisations. Atlassian’s newest software product, Confluence is a knowledge management tool designed to make it easy for a team to communicate: sharing information, collaborating on documents and brainstorming ideas, all in a single web-based location. Try it for yourself today.
Atlassian’s leading software product, JIRA is a bug tracking and issue tracking application developed to track and manage the issues and bugs that emerge during a project. JIRA customers include departments from NASA, Boeing, Cisco, JP Morgan, 3M, BP, Sony and more. Try it for yourself today.

ltime Learning Time
Learning Time delivers customised training and IT network support services to large corporate companies and SMEs. If IT is not your core business, Learning Time can assemble the right team with the right skills to manage your IT infrastructure. Services range from network security and management, hardware and software installation, to database development, scripting services and technical feasibility studies. Our consultants can work off or on your company premises.

ddb DDB Project
DDB Project specialises in information and communication services designed for private companies and European public institutions. The company offers a sound track record in a wide range of services: needs assessment, strategic planning, content development and production management and marketing and distribution. Whatever the medium and the language of delivery, DDB Project’s integrated and creative approach to project management will help you deliver your messages to client and user satisfaction. For more information, please contact: DDB Project

skedion Skedion, project management services
Skedion is a consulting company providing innovative services in the area of project management. Skedion developed a specific approach to assimilate Issue Management in the current of the project life-time, allowing project team members to naturally integrate issue management practices into day-to-day task and projects quality processes. Skedion services pay special attention to knowledge integration processes, leading customers to harvest real business results.

capital_construct_logo Capital Construct
You are looking for an apartment / dwelling house! As project developer we offer you projects developed with know-how and eye for detail. Capital Construct specializes in building apartments and houses in Brabant!
Our projects distinguish themselves by their high spec materials and their superior appliances and fittings. The apartments, mainly located in ‘Greater Brussels”, have been designed with a person looking for a place to live in mind and the real estate investor alike and are the perfect answer to the ever increasing demand for dwelling and investment apartments. The homes have been designed by a team of professionals based on a formula which even allows young families to purchase their ‘own pad’ at affordable prices.

free-logic Free Logic, learning systems and research
Free Logic is specialized in learning and integration processes. Since 1994, Free Logic is conducting studies and research in the area of cognitive models and thinking systems with the objective to develop new approaches for improving learning skills. Results of research and investigations are applied in the areas of business processes analysis, project management and personal and team communication. To know more about FreeLogic services contact us at