Programme Management Team

The Programme Management Team has the following members:


Patrul Rinpoche is the leader of the Zangdok Palri Programme. Rinpoche is a constant fount of inspiration to the mission of the organization. As a Tibetan, born in the Dzogchen area, he is a precious source of information and knowledge as well as being a perfect contact with the Tibetan local committees. Discover more about Patrul Rinpoche’s biography and activity.


Dimitri Missentos is the Programme coordinator; his role is to supervise the overall coordination of the Programme’s projects and activities. He also provides support on programme and project management aspects. He is the chairman of Zangdok Palri Belgium.


Christiane Delaine is responsible for public relations. Her role is to communicate the aim and activities of the Programme to the different target audiences in the Western world. How the programme is perceived (its relevance, sustainability, etc.) is vital to its overall success. She is the chairwoman of Zangdok Palri Luxemburg.


Matthieu Samyn is responsible for the environment aspects of the Programme. From the outset it was decided that the unspoiled natural environment in the Dzogchen region must be protected at all costs. Matthieu ‘s role is thus to ensure that all activities and projects will meet the most rigorous environment protection criteria.


Yves Delaine is the financial director. He is responsible for ensuring that ALL the funds raised are used for their intended goal and that the Programme Management Team has a clear view of the availability and usability of all the financial resources.