Sponsor a child

Most of the children in the Sambhota schools come from nomad families who cannot contribute financially to their education. These children, as well as the orphans, need sponsors if they are to continue their education.

Sponsorships cost 25 € per month and will pay for the needs of the community as they will be assigned to the running expenses for the school children (food, clothes, school equipment, medical care, heating, etc).

We are actively seeking new sponsors, so that we can move fast: there are many children in the region waiting for a chance of education.

You can engage in a sponsorship for a year either:

  • by making a single payment for the entire year: 300 €, or
  • by making a standing order of 25 € per month.
Zangdok Palri Luxemburg
Zangdok Palri asbl
Bank: BCEE – Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat Luxembourg
IBAN: LU18 0019 6212 6145 9000

Details about yearly expenses are available here : Organisation of Zangdok Palri Sambhota Primary School